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Again this year the Danish Motorcycle Museum can present a number of new displays. Our collection has been expanded with several new acquisitions, making your visit an exciting journey through the worlds of motorbikes and radio.

In 2022 we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous Kawasaki Z models by displaying two Z1 models: the latest version and the 50-year old original. In addition we have a couple of the 3-cylindered Kawasaki 2-strokes from the 1970s on display.

You’ll also be able to see a cavalcade of over 100 years of Superbikes from America, Denmark, Britain and Japan.

This year there’s also a special display celebrating Orla and Preben Knudsen’s Speedway careers: 3 fine machines together with their exciting story and some of the trophies they won.

More than 100 years of motorcycle history are lined up in a long cavalcade, from Elleham to Ducati – and a whole lot more for you to admire.

Don’t cheat yourself and your family by missing these unique displays – you won’t find them anywhere else in Denmark. Our museum is full of bikes from all over the world!

The Radio Department depicts the development of electronic products in Denmark and throughout the world.The first mechanical sound generator. The first tape recorder. The first arc transmitter. The first loudspeaker, the Magnavox, built by Peter L. Jensen of Hesnæs at his factory in the US, later to become famous as Jensen Speakers.

A 100-year old valve amplifier from the US is a new addition to our collection: thanks to a donation from the Classen Foundation (det Classenske Fideicommis) we have been able to add an AC 2 Magnavox amplifier anno 1922 to our collection. There are other milestones in electronics history this year:  the Video Recorder celebrates its 50th birthday, and the Compact Disc player turns 40.The exhibition includes QR-codes to enable you to hear exciting radio soundbites.