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We show you ”The One and only”, HJP motorcycle build by Harald Johannes Pedersen.

A bicycle blacksmith had a dream becoming a motorcycle producer. It ended up with this only piece of a motorcycle. After a burn, it is now able to get back on the road again.

In a corner there is a couple of splendid Speedway bikes – at the entrance we celebrate the Moto Guzzi 100 years. There is always new mopeds, and this year we get the Everton from the Danish factory at Fyn.


Radio departments
In the year 2021 the focus is in “do-it-your-selves” kits for the electronic quirks at home. We also presents Valdemar Poulsens buesender from the year 1902. With a Qr-code you also can listen to the “message of freedom” from BBC in may 1945. The bells from City Tower off Copenhagen and similar sounds.